Camel Spit & Cork Trees

Want to know the reason Portuguese cafes sell samosas, why you should steer clear of caterpillars, or what the numbers chalked on cork trees mean?

At the start of a summer when all of Portugal seems to be on fire, travel writers Andy and Jack Montgomery swap life in North Tenerife for Portugal. A quest to find somewhere to live moves from a traditional house beside a smugglers’ trail in Alentejo to a converted wine press south of Lisbon; an area where storks nest on abandoned farmhouses and flamingos wade through salt pans. Meanwhile, their work takes them the length and breadth of Portugal, from dining with a count in the Minho and discovering why canal boats have soft porn cartoons on their prows in Portugal’s little Venice to sharing petiscos in a Fado-singing prostitute’s house in Lisbon. Getting to grips with life in Portugal reveals a fascinating land, a friendly people, and an eclectically diverse gastronomy which includes desserts with bizarre names like lard from heaven.

Camel Spit & Cork Trees is a fast-moving travelogue for travellers seeking a vivid depiction of parts of Portugal that still lie below the radar of most visitors.

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